SULTAN GHARI - Tour on the spot

SULTAN GHARI - Tour on the spot

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This well maintained tomb, but hardly visited by tourists, is called Sultan Ghari, considered to be the first Islamic Mausoleum in Delhi, dated 1231, houses the remains of Nasiru'd-Din Mahmud, the eldest son of the third Sultan of Delhi Iltumish, of the Sultanate of Mamluk.

Nasiru'd-Din died before his father, therefore never became a Sultan himself, but the interesting thing is that his tomb has instead become a place where both Hindus and Muslims from the nearby urban villages of Masood Pur, Mahipalpur and Rangpuri go for the their rituals.

This tomb is basically a Dargah, that is, the burial place of a man considered a Saint. Despite being the burial place of a Muslim, Hindus also go there as it often happens with the Dargahs in general, is also a tradition for the new wed couples of the surrounding urban villages to visit the tomb in order to receive the blessings from the Saint.

Thursday, as in all the Dargahs, is a special day for worship in this tomb too, but people still go there every day of the week to pay homage to the Saint and ask to fulfill the their wishes. All around is scattered with ruins of the ancient village immersed in the forest, as well as other tombs of, to me, unknown respected masters.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover the most hidden treasures in Delhi, you do not even feel you are still in a city of millions while here...

DURATION: about 1 and a half hour.

COST: the price is intended per person and minimum 4 participants are required to confirm the Visit.  
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Please write me if you wish to have a private Walk.
The price DOES NOT include entry to monuments as well as camera fees.
It INCLUDES one bottle of water.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: the Visit will take place when at least a MINIMUM number of 4 participants is reached and will include a MAXIMUM of 10 participants. For me is important the quality of the time we spend together, the interaction and make you feel part of what we are doing, hope you can appreciate this, however, if you opt for a private Walk drop a mail to: