How am I going to attend the Virtual Visits?
You will have to use the link you’ll get via mail after booking your Visit.
The link will take you to a Zoom Meeting.

Do I have to download Zoom?
No, it won’t be necessary, you will be redirected into a newt tab of your browser, you don’t need to have a Zoom account.

How can I pay?
You can Pay through PayPal or Credit Card at the check-out.

What language will be the Visit?
Visits will happen in Italian or English, once you will open the Visit you are interested in, just scroll the CALENDAR and you’ll see the dates, time and language.

How many people will attend?
A maximum of 6 people will attend the meeting, but you can book one private and join alone or with the people you want. Just drop a mail and we’ll set up a private Visit.

How can I know the cost of the Visit in my currency?
On the right hand corner of the website you can select your currency and automatically you will see the prices converted.

The conversion is done by an App, is an approximative conversion and could be slightly different from the conversion applied by the bank or PayPal.

For what is the price intended?
The price is intended for ONE PERSON.
On the Visit you will share the experience with people you do not know, who are in different cities, it is a great opportunity!
However, if you prefer, you can book a personalized Visit and invite friends or family to follow it exclusively with them, all you need to do is to drop a mail to:

What should I use to follow the Virtual Visit?
Best thing is a computer or a tablet, please try to avoid a smartphone if possible, to enjoy the experience at its best a computer screen is the most appropriated support.